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openoffice: it's all about the seagulls
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a community for openoffice.org support and information
welcome to the openoffice community on livejournal. This is a forum for writing about openoffice, its development, and your experiences with this fine set of document preparation programs. Feel free to post your user questions, user tips, and experiences, as well as any other comments that are related to office productivity software that competes with openoffice in the marketplace.

as an aid to help people find and use the features of openoffice, here is a link to the outline of existing OpenOffice.org user resources, and here is a link to an extensive list of "how-to's" for openoffice. look for some more helpful links to be posted here in the near future.

This community is currently maintained by opendumpster and chumducky. If you are interested in being a maintainer or have suggestions for interests to be added to the interests list, please contact opendumpster. thanks!